What is Social media marketing

So, you noticed that your competitors are using social media to boost brand awareness and as a result are getting more sales.

You probably have heard about the massive boost investing in social media advertising could bring to your business, and right now you’ve seen the results in your competitors business.

But, you still feel skeptical about joining the trend and this gets even weird because you simply have 0.1% knowledge of Social Media marketing.

Okay. We understand your fears and in this post will reveal the five super benefits your business will get by investing in social media marketing. That will not be all though, as I will also reveal a step by step guide to help you get started with SMM.

For a start though, you may still have a vague idea about what SMM really is.

What Is SMM? ( What is Social media marketing )

What is Social media marketing

Social media marketing is simply the efforts of an individual or corporate business, to harness the power of social media sites in order to get a higher ROI.

This aspect of digital marketing targets potential clients from the large audience who use a social networking site.

Here’s what we mean.

Facebook, has over a billion users monthly. A fraction of this number, in your target location, has an interest in your business. So, any effort you make to connect with these people is called Social Media Marketing.

The good news is, your business can still tap into the power of social media, whether it is based offline or online

Here are five super benefits your business will get by investing in Social Media Marketing

1.Increase in Brand Awareness

With targeted ads or organic traffic on your business pages on social media, a huge number of people get to know about your business.

Growing your business pages is a way to pile up an audience that you can effortlessly get back to with news on promotion, discounts or simple goodwill messages from your brand.

2.Brings Your Business Closer To Customers

A social media presence will give your clients an opportunity to contact your business at almost any time.

Let’s say a customer goes to your shop, buys a dress and had the zip ripped off as she tried to put it on. She drove 20km to get to your shop and isn’t ready to get back to your shop to make this complaint.

She simply logs onto her social media account and leaves a complaint on your business page. You quickly reply the customer with an assurance that she’ll have her dress put back in shape or even replaced on her next visit to your boutique.

Problem solved. Happy customer, happy business.

The truth is, social media allows you to stay in close touch with clients, study their behavior and come up with the best solution to meet their needs.

3.Crushes Geographical Barriers

With Social media, the location of a prospective client never stops you from reaching out to them with news about your business.

Ads targeting can be to people living in a specific location like the city where your offline shop is or the globe if you wish.

Also remember our dress customer, being 20km away from your shop was never a barrier to getting in touch with your business.

4.Outwit Competitors

A social media account is a simple way to spy on competitors, know which strategies bring in clients for them and eventually come up with even smarter packages that will bring you more clients.

If you’re not investing in SMM, then you’re simply giving competitors a free run to take your existing customers. You don’t want that!

5.A Greater ROI

With the right strategies, SMM directly affects your return on investment.

You can generate more leads, increase sales activity and make money by grabbing the social media opportunity.

If you’re selling a digital product like an e-book or software, then a perfect blend of an expertly written sales copy and the right elements for your landing page, can lead to a great increase in sales.

Now you know what you’ll be getting by investing in SMM and think you’re ready to dive in.

Here’s How To Succeed Quickly With SMM ( Social media marketing )

1. Have A Plan

To succeed with social media and stay in the game for long, you need a create a social media plan.

That is very simple to do!

Provide answers to these questions with regard to your business and you’ll have the best social media plan

  • Who is my audience?
  • What do I want to promote?
  • How long will this campaign be active?
  • What are my social media business goals?

Let’s use our boutique example to answer the above questions

  • ladies who are interested in fashion and love dresses
  • an offline store and latest designs in our collection
  • long-term
  • to boost brand awareness and conveniently respond to customer feedback

I hope this helps you draw up the first page of your social media plan.

2.Choose A Platform

Do you know there are thousands of social media sites on the web?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ are the most popular. There are however other niche-specific social media sites that cater to various industries.

So, choose a social media platform which has a large number of prospective clients.

Features available on social media platforms also plays a big role in choosing the right one that suits your business goal.

Instagram, for instance, is a photo-obsessed social site, hence, if your business intends to feature an extensive image gallery, then Instagram or Pinterest is the go-to social media site.

Twitter allows users to tweet short messages of not more than 150 words to followers.

Facebook with over 1 billion users monthly has the largest combined feature of all social networking sites.

Choose the right social media platform – one that has a large number of prospective clients and also has the features that support your business goals.

Signing up and setting up business pages is usually free on a social media site.


Now it’s time to serve up a great experience for your social media followers.

Here are the best tips for managing social media pages

  • Consider and only post what appeals to your followers.
  • Create contents that encourage comments, shares, and retweets.
  • Do not be too sale-sy or your clients will eventually get bored of following your activities.Remember, they came to catch fun on social media and not to read your sales pitch.
  • Be prompt in responding to customer feedback on your page
  • For active engagement, draw up a social media post timetable and create content in advance for your followers. You can use schedule post options available on social media sites to compile a list of posts that will be sent out if you’re gonna be busy.
  • Learn when customers are likely to respond to your posts by sharing contents at different times of the day. Once you discover at what time engagements are usually high, stick to this time.
  • Use targeting options for social media pages. Some social media sites like Facebook and Instagram provides an option while setting up your page to specify a category, location, and interests for your page.

4. Monitor and Control

Run a daily or at least weekly check on your social media pages.

You can use analytic tools provided by social media sites to track which of your SMM efforts are yielding more results.

Ditch or tweak tactics that are not piling up the numbers and stick to those that are doing well.


Now you have that knowledge you seek (from 0.1% to 90% if you followed through) and absolutely can get your SMM campaign underway.



Chiemezie John Duru is an Online business consultant based in Nigeria. He is helping small and medium business owners to package their brand(ideas and business) using online technologies to reach a larger audience. Apart from designing, he loves to read financial books, like Cashflow, Think and grow rich & A year of growing rich.


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