Online Visibility

Online Visibility

5 ways to be more visible online by using Social media platforms

A lot of people have been looking for a way to improve their online visibility. I have decided to solve your problem today by introducing five actionable ways you can do this.

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Let’s start by running a simple visibility test.  Go to google and type in your name, business name or anything you are try to improve online.

If you have done this test, A lot of person will have good result while some will have zero visibility.

Why is it so?

But don’t worry we are going to work on that together.

Firstly, before naming your business page or website, I want to recommend a good tool that will tell you if the name is available for all the platforms available. Go to Namecheckr to do that.
Alright if you have done that lets roll. There are almost 10 prominent social media platforms that will improve your online visibility and as well position you as a thought leader.
Prominent Social Media Platforms


The above listed is a super visibility platform to join.

If you play your game well it will improve your online visibility.

      I will be illustrating to you how to use this social media platform to improve visibility.


1. IMAGE UNIFORMITY: What I meant by image uniformity, is having the same head shot/logo, cover pictures on all your social media accounts. It will look very unprofessional when your images are not uniform.

It will help your followers or customers to recognize your brand and as well make you an authority. It also helps search engine to get all your keywords in one place therefore improving visibility.

“Uniformity brings Clarity and good deal”

Get a good graphics designer to do the logo or cover picture for you. If everything looks same, next time you google about your business, you would be happy with the result you will get.

2. BIO: A whole lot of people, business men and women, always ignores this tiny killing visibility tool.

Having the same bio description across all your account in social media, will maintain accuracy and improve visibility.


I create high quality designs that makes your clients wow

Do you need help?

This a very vivid example of how you could do this. But I know you can do better. A good bio with good keywords of who you are will improve your visibility.

3. CONTENT CREATION: Creating content for all your social media accounts can be kind of work. But you have to do it. Creating a good content such as image, write ups and videos can be overwhelming for you I know, that’s why I am giving a solution to this.

It is said content is king, to keep your followers engaged you have to give them content on a daily basis or weekly or even monthly. There are two ways to go about this content creation. You could ask your employees to create this content or you buy other people’s” freelancers” service to do that.

I know your next question might be how do I repost to all my account to keep them lively?

There are two ways to do this Manually/Automatically:

• Manually: This strategy works all the time, you can decide on the best 3- 4 platforms that you can be active always. Once you have done that you can start giving out content 2- 3 times a week and you can still maintain energy.

For the rest of the platforms, let say Google plus and LinkedIn, YouTube, you can post once every month end. With this people looking for you online will always find something about you online.

• Automatically: There are bunch of tools which can do this work for you. I will choose hootsuite, but there are many social media manager tools online.
With this tool, you can be able to manage all your social media platforms effectively. It helps you repost your post to all your accounts.

I am currently writing an amazing book guide on Social media platforms for business owners. Subscribe to know when it will be launched.

4. JOIN REPUTABLE COMMUNITY: A Facebook group is a good example, learn and unlearn. Offer what you have in the group and people will begin to see you as a thought leader. The more value you create, the more followers you get.

I recommend you join smartbcamp group on Facebook, you will be able to learn a lot in this group, and while learning too, you can build your own network there with amazing people that trust what you have to offer.

A reputable community will make you more visible than ever, if you remain productive and actionable.

5. COMMMENTS: The last but not the least. Always comment and reply to both your post and other peoples post. The act of commenting is very crucial to visibility. The more thoughtful comment you make, the more serious and edifying other people will see you.

A thoughtful comment in your writeup, another community online, has a way of boosting your visibility online. People tends to get attracted to people who provides value and live with it.

Always engaged in post made by others, not to spam but to contribute to the quota of discussion. Offer what could be done to solve the problem or topic status.

Online visibility is very important for your business and brand, if you want to go global, the fastest way to do so, is by using online technologies. Social media is one way you could improve your visibility online. And as startup in Online activities, you have to use the best and affordable free techniques to always get started.


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Chiemezie John Duru is an Online business consultant based in Nigeria. He is helping small and medium business owners to package their brand(ideas and business) using online technologies to reach a larger audience. Apart from designing, he loves to read financial books, like Cashflow, Think and grow rich & A year of growing rich.

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