Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing

Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing

So you’re still caught up between reasons why you must choose digital marketing methods over the traditional marketing techniques

You have seen or read about the amazing opportunities offered by digital marketing but wonder if it is worth venturing into.

This post will compare Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing and help you see reasons why must choose digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing Trumps Traditional Marketing

1.Targeted Global Reach

Digital marketing techniques offer wide reach to any part of the globe, allowing you to seamlessly pitch or contact potential clients in any location you think of.

Email marketing campaigns can be targeted at individuals living in a specific location or who have shown an interest in a particular product related to what you offer.
Online advertisement platforms like Facebook and Twitter Ads can be targeted at individuals in a certain location, within a certain age bracket and an interest in a product or service you’re selling.
An online store can manage an affiliate marketing system which allows them contact and control affiliates living in different regions of a country or even the world at large. Amazon, for instance, has millions of affiliates living around the globe.
A spot on the SERP’s either through SEM or SEO is another method of reaching people around the globe with news about your business. A place in online business listings like Google my Business is yet another opportunity your business must utilize.
Targeting in traditional marketing is often limited to people in a certain area, who may or may not have interest in your service.
Consider an advert placed in a local newspaper which has readers with different interests.The reach may be wide but the ad is served to people who have shown no interest in your product.
You could also do well to consider the last time you saw someone reading a newspaper.

2. Bringing You Closer To Your Customers

Investment in digital marketing solutions such social media marketing (SMM) keep your business a few clicks away from potential customers. You can finally be available wherever and whenever customers need you.
A business page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google + provides a convenient way to interact with your customers. You can note what product they are more interested in, as well as, attend to their complaints and receive valuable feedback that can help you boost business performance
This trumps the traditional marketing efforts that allow you to pop up once in a while. This may even be when customers are not in need of your product or service.
A new business rule states that the business which spends more time interacting and educating customers will win’. With digital marketing, you can give value to attract even more value.

3. Less is More

With the advent of digital marketing, simplicity and creativity have firmly taken over. Gone are the days when the quantity of promotion and advertisements signified strength.
Traditional marketing ads will bore customers to death and continues to show up even after the customer has gotten the message you’re trying to pass across.
Short ads that are attractive and alluring at the same time is the key to increasing sales with digital marketing methods.

4. More Control

Digital marketing allows you to stay in control of your advertisements and promotional campaigns. You can easily call off campaigns that do not result in conversions for your business, tweak ads to appeal more to customers and quickly follow up generated leads at the same time.
Web analytics also provide great insights into customer behavior when they get to your website or business page. Google web analytics tool, for instance, provides extensive data such as –
  • Visitor location
  • Average time on site
  • Search keywords
  • Top pages
  • Referring URLs
This data can be translated to propound new measures that will massively boost conversions for your business.
Traditional marketing efforts are usually standardized. An example is a traditional 30 or 60 sec radio ad that continues to be aired, whether customers respond to it or not.


As time goes on, digital marketing will continue to usurp all traditional marketing techniques. Therefore, if you’re looking for the right time to invest in digital marketing, it is right now!

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Chiemezie John Duru is an Online business consultant based in Nigeria. He is helping small and medium business owners to package their brand(ideas and business) using online technologies to reach a larger audience. Apart from designing, he loves to read financial books, like Cashflow, Think and grow rich & A year of growing rich.


  1. Hi Chiemezie,

    In this age and time, I firmly believe that no serious person should take traditional marketing serious (or at the very least, combine it with digital marketing in a 90%-10% fashion) with the 90 in digital’s favor.

    Sadly, few are just catching up. Many are still in the dark!

    This is sad – especially when the opportunities are factored and put on scale.

    Thankfully, awesome folks like you are beaming the floodlights daily πŸ™‚

    Kindly keep on.

    Be certain to make the day great!

    Akaahan Terungwa

    • Hello,Akaahan, really appreciate your thoughtful feedback.

      As you said, most business owners still don’t believe in the power of online marketing,especially the 3rd world country.

      I purposely belive that, every business needs an Online presence to compete.


    • Hello,Akaahan, really appreciate your thoughtful feedback.

      As you said, most business owners still don’t believe in the power of online marketing,especially the 3rd world country.

      I purposely believe that, every business needs an Online presence to compete.

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