7 On-line Marketing Mistake

7 On-line Marketing Mistake

How to become a better online marketer


You’re doing online marketing, but you find out that, despite following all the rules, you’re still getting zero results. No new leads. No new sales. Well, online marketing can be overwhelming.

You’re probably wondering why you aren’t getting the desired results. Chances are that, even if you’re doing the right things, you might also be doing the wrong things at the same time, and this can stop you from getting the results you want.

In this post, we’ll look at 7 online marketing mistakes and how to avoid it.


Email marketing is the backbone of digital marketing tactic. It has a median ROI of 122%, according to eMarketer, well above the return for other digital marketing channels.

Another recent survey of retailers found that 51% of customers make an initial purchase less than one month after signing up for a marketing email.

If you’re not collecting emails, you’re missing the whole point of online marketing.

By collecting emails, you encourage people to visit your site again and you’re likely to convert them into valuable customers.

Again when you add prospects to an email list and regularly contact them with a newsletter or other content, you keep your business on their radar, until they are ready to make a purchase decision.

Therefore, if you’ve not been collecting emails, you should start now with free tools like Hello Bar.

You can also do this through sliders or exit pop-ups.


Even the most carefully planned campaigns can fail if they’re speaking to the wrong audience. In online marketing, audience is everything.

If your catchy ad headline that you think sounds great, does not resonate with your actual audience, that ad won’t bring in any results.

For example:

if you sell baby products. Your target audience should be pregnant women and lactating mothers not babies.


The babies are not your customers, their mothers are!

Therefore your marketing should target mothers, showing how your product is good for their kids.

Take your time and get to know the audience you’re speaking to.

What are their pain points?

What types of language appeals to them? What words do they use to describe what they’re looking for? Knowing the answers to these questions is key to designing campaigns that will appeal to the people you’re trying to reach.


Marketing is competitive now. People raise ventures and invest hundreds of thousands, just so they can compete in marketing and sales.

You need to do more than one or two or three marketing channels. The more you do, the better off you’re going to be.

Try as many as possible until you know which marketing channel best targets your audience.

You can be marketing on Facebook whereas you’d generate more leads when you market on Twitter.


There is an important correlation between online marketing and customer service. Your customer service need to be in sync with your marketing plan.

You can’t do online marketing without a vibrant customer service.

This is because, how you respond when customers have problems or inquiries, reflects your marketing goals.

In extension the result you get.Bad customer service can hurt your business.

It will kill your marketing campaign and ROI. Customers are too valuable – treat them right.

This you can do through personalization. Personalization helps you connect with your customers.

It makes them feel like they are hearing from a person rather than an automated and anonymous sender.

For example:

Sign emails with your name.


If you’re spending money on your online marketing strategies.

Then you should get returns!

You don’t just blindly throw money at digital marketing strategies without measuring your ROI.

And thus, know if it is successful or not.

If you don’t measure the ROI, you won’t know which strategy works best for your business.

Calculating the return on your investment isn’t difficult at all.

First, decide what your campaign goal is. That’s what you should measure.

Here are some examples:



•Click-through rates


How to calculate ROI.

Take the financial gain from your investment and subtract the cost of your investment.

Then divide that number by the total cost of your investment.

Always determine the ROI of all of your marketing campaigns moving forward. That’s how to know the best strategy that works for you.


Without paying customers, a business cannot grow revenue and without leads a business won’t have prospects to convert to valuable customers.

If you run an online business, you need to ask for a sale! Most solid prospects like to sit on the fence, indecisive about a product or service.

It’s up to you to coax and cajole them to take the desired action. In Nigerian parlance… “Never be ashamed of your hustle” therefore, there’s nothing wrong with asking people to buy from you.

If you don’t sale your market, who will?

Here is a tip to get leads to convert to valuable customers:

Create urgency by using short-term discounts or deals. Scarcity sells! By giving the impression of “limited” edition, people are very likely to respond.

Example: Weekend Rush! Buy @ 50% discount.


Today videos are ruling the digital marketing world. And that’s no surprise if we consider that, according to Cisco, in 2016 videos accounted for more than 70% of the internet traffic and the forecast suggests it will be up to 82% by 2021.

Why is this important? Well, if you aren’t creating video, you’re likely falling behind. This doesn’t mean you should stop using text-based content, it simply means you should also be doing videos.

Besides you’re likely to get more traffic. According to a report from HubSpot Research, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands … more than any other type of content.

If platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc., are using video contents, why shouldn’t you?

Make sure you next content is a video content.


Therefore, If you avoid these mistakes and follow the tips; you’re going to do better at online marketing and in no time, get your desired positive results.

Which online marketing mistake(s) do you need to stop?

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Chiemezie John Duru is an Online business consultant based in Nigeria. He is helping small and medium business owners to package their brand(ideas and business) using online technologies to reach a larger audience. Apart from designing, he loves to read financial books, like Cashflow, Think and grow rich & A year of growing rich.

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